Are you a lover of bright hues? Then you can be a fond of digital printing. Good design begins about ten steps before pen hits paper neither does it ends when the final digital proofs are approved and delivered. Digital prints are an array of fantastic finish of bright, vibrant colours with unique design and execution techniques.

Do you know textile industry of our country contributes nearly 46% of total output and 8.5% of country’s GDP in the overall economic growth of Pakistan! This industry is a backbone of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan’s textile industry is the largest industrial sector of Pakistan which provides the high level of employment as well as most significant industrial labour force with most major foreign exchange earner.

In flashback, after the eve of independence there were only six textile units with 80,000 spindles and 3000 looms. After that government suddenly realizes the need of promoting textile industries and then we saw a rapid growth during the time of 50’s and 60’s. But by the end of 60s till now, Pakistan has stepped as a country having more 521 textile units with installed capacity of 10 million spindles and more than 114 rotors Textile History (which is awesome). With the passage of time, Pakistan Textile Industry is increasing in its demand as the 4th cotton exporting industry all around the globe and the 6th largest importer of raw cotton. From 2015 to 2016 the difference in monthly wage is raised on a high level just because of ‘Digital Printing’.


Changing trends in fashion are the growth reason of textile printing market. The shift towards digital printing has accelerated production speed and reduced the coloration cost which is another reason for its market growth.

Digital printing is all about right shades! The digital-based printing on the fabric in 2016 seems like a tone of copper and leaf green sashay. This year promotes the scheme of digital textile designing on fabrics as per the desire of today’s textile trends.

The future of digital printing seems sparkling. This can be seen from the fact that Asia Pacific accounts for 39.5% of installed digital textile printers, Europe and Middle East at 40.9% and North America at 7.7%, from which Asia-Pacific is the fastest and largest growing market at 4.4%. In Pakistan, with a low cost entry, the digital printing technology has allowed designers to do a quick launch and enter the Pakistan shopping world.


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