One of the exciting developments that happened so far in the Textile Industry is the introduction of Textile Digital Printing. The freedom of speech and design was always restricted to the designers from the beginning because of the limitations of textile printing technologies. The advancement in textile print technologies allowed designers to THINK, CREATE, PRINT AND WEAR their design- thoughts, famous quotes, even musical notes or a sketch of a TODDLER.

With the various possibilities of experimenting with digital prints many brands are taking its advantage and now it is the hottest trend in the market. Textile print isn’t just a new thing, but is way more interesting and exciting than the logo of the brand.

Actors are wearing it, models are wearing it, everyone is wearing it… develop your own custom design, choose a photograph or a painting – or both – Put It on Fabric

All this makes us want to wear our favourite food.
Yes, Food! …. It has happened!

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